HostelGalaxy.com is a next-generation and rapidly growing OTA set up to provide both the traveler and the accommodation provider the software tools and flexible booking options they have long desired - leading to happier guests and happier accommodation providers.

Not only are accommodation providers able to offer their guests the normal nightly-basis booking options but they can also offer add-on bookable supplements (breakfast, ski/bike hire etc.) and are also able to set up special all inclusive package offers.

Whereas the normal nightly-basis options are great for most guests/travelers, hotels and hostels, the "special offers" feature is perfect for ski chalets, villas and holiday homes/apartments etc., wishing to rent, and guests/travelers wishing to book, units as a whole for specific date ranges.

Founded by travel experts with years of experience in the travel industry, HostelGalaxy.com was created to provide both the accommodation provider and the traveler a great alternative to the handful of expensive, big corporation-owned booking sites that have controlled the market for the last decade.  

These big corporation-owned booking sites have - by charging extremely exaggerated commissions and booking fees  - made the cost of running the accommodation unaffordable for many accommodation providers. This has forced many small hotels and hostels to either go out of business or hugely increase the price to cover these overinflated commission costs.

Since most of these exaggerated commissions and booking fees are passed onto the guest, one way or another, these big corporation-owned booking sites have made travel very expensive for the budget traveler - now with the guest/traveler, on some sites, having to pay 15% - 30% non-refundable down payments/deposits just to confirm their bookings.

Here at HostelGalaxy.com you simply pay a 10% accommodation deposit (never more than 10%) at the time of booking and the remaining 90% balance upon arrival at the accommodation. Upon booking you receive an instant confirmation by email guaranteeing the accommodation.

For the first time ever, an online accommodation booking site offers travelers the chance to book all types of accommodation - hotels, hostels, B&Bs, chalets, villas and more - at a price that suits their budget; while also giving the accommodation provider the online control to offer guests a tailor-made experience through a flexible and individualized range of online booking options never before brought together in one booking site.

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